【The Birthstone of July – The Lovely Ruby】

19/06/2019 By Angus WONG

I am sure most of you already know what zodiac signs are, but do you know the tales of birthstones? The idea of birthstone is relatively modern, but its origin can actually be dated back to the ancient period. Historians believe that birthstones are corresponded to the twelve tribes of Israel, as well as the twelve signs of zodiac. Each stone offers wearers unique powers during the correlated period.

“There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.” (Exodus 28:17-20)


July Birthstone – Ruby

Ruby, the birthstone of July, has been called the “King of Gemstones” in many cultures. Being one of the most well-known and popular gems, it can be found in many different types of jewelry pieces. The gorgeously deep red color of Ruby symbolizes love, peace, passion and wealth. In ancient times, people used to wear it to protect themselves from evil and harm.

The Power of Ruby

Ruby can bring strength to the wearers, and bring harmony to the wearers’ body. Ruby can be quite useful when the wearers want to develop personal power and overcome fears and challenges. It is also commonly used as a booster of recovering and healing since it has the power of providing self-defense against all the negativities. Wearing or carrying ruby jewelry pieces is a great way to add an extra protection to your daily life.

Jewelry Placement

The placement of the birthstone jewelry pieces is one of the popular studies for birthstone lovers and believers. Many believe that wearing birthstone jewelry in different places will uncover different powers and effects. For the birthstone of July – Ruby, some have the belief that when wearing ruby as earrings on the ears will help to ensure good relationships with others – if you are hanging out with your crush, there is no harm to wear ruby jewelry pieces to enhance your relationship with him as well as attract him with some stunning pieces of jewelry.

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