Amanda with ARTE Jewellery

We are glad to collaborate with Amanda Ford from Brazil. She is a gorgeous and professional model who carries our jewellery elegantly.

Amanda wears a full set of dark green x gold jewellery from Color Me 120V Collection which has a beautiful golden sheen under the sunlight! The classic V-shaped emblem is ARTE's fans' favourite! This collection utilizes ARTE's 120-face gemstone cutting process and technique. Each of the stone glows brighter than usual!

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On the other day, Amanda wears Deseo collection which is one of our signature jewellery. Deseo Collection takes colorful gemstones as a bunch, gold and silver as stems. The vivid color brings Amanda a lively and enthusiastic vibe in nature! She even found the same color of the flower bush with her Deseo ring in the garden!

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"Classy girls wear pearls." We are proud that Amanda suits the Lollipop Collection perfectly. The pearls fits with her classy look, red lips and black dress. The pearls and white stones surrounding really glows with Amanda! 

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We are very excited on the collaboration with Amanda. More jewellery with Amanda is coming soon!