NEW Collection: VIVIANA

ARTĒ Madrid Unveils the Enchanting VIVIANA Collection:
A Tapestry of Whimsical Elegance and Baroque Romance



September 2023 (Hong Kong) – Embracing the vivacious warmth and captivating allure of the sun-kissed season, ARTĒ Madrid is thrilled to unveil its latest masterpiece, the VIVIANA Collection. Inspired by the enchanting gardens of the La Granja Royal Palace in Segovia, Spain, this collection captures the essence of an idyllic paradise where nature's vibrant beauty intertwines with the artistry of jewellery craftsmanship.


The La Granja Palace, renowned for its exuberant gardens and opulent Baroque architecture, serves as a rich source of inspiration for the VIVIANA Collection. Celebrating sophisticated vitality and timeless artistry, this collection weaves together vibrant hues, poetic motifs, and intricate Spanish Baroque elements, resulting in a harmonious fusion of whimsical elegance and retro romance.


The collection comprises three distinct series: VIVIANA Whimsical Blooms, VIVIANA Royal Bed of Flowers, and VIVIANA Fluttery Garden. With a bejeweled line-up of necklace, rings and earrings, each piece in the collection stands as a testament to daring femininity, vibrant vitality, and an alluring touch of romance.


The essence of the VIVIANA Collection resides in its captivating floral designs, which take center stage. Each exquisitely crafted flower symbolizes the diverse facets of a woman's personality and highlights the uniqueness that makes her one-of-a-kind. Just as there are countless varieties of flowers in the world, every woman blossoms in her own distinctive way, radiating glamour, strength, and charming characters. Paying homage to the vibrant hues found in blooming petals, the collection boldly combines meticulously selected ARTĒ gemstones in daring colours, bursting the jewels with vitality and energy. These vivid colours capture the essence of a woman's vibrant personality, adding an extra layer of glamour to each design.


Complementing the collection's floral features are the delicate butterfly motifs, which also lies at the heart of the collection, symbolizing the remarkable transformations and growth story of a woman. Like butterflies taking graceful flight, these motifs embody the freedom for women to embrace their own will, mind, and spirit. The butterfly motifs serve as a reminder of the resilience and charisma that emerge through personal growth.


Thanks to the delicate laser techniques, refined stone-setting techniques, intricate metalworks and exquisite craftsmanship, these sophisticated designs are brought to life with lifelike dimension and volume. The Chief Designer of ARTĒ Madrid emphasizes, "Such fusion of modern sophistication and traditional charm reflects our dedication to innovation and the Spanish heritage. And this is how this mesmerizing collection is born - creating wearable art pieces that embody the eternal beauty of nature and women today."


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