Tropical Dream Pink Romance Bracelet

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Let’s visit a fantasy island tinted with dreamy colours of cotton candy.

Adorable pink stones convey pure happiness. Rose gold plated design harmoniously infuses an extra touch of opulence.

Stone Color/ Stone Shape:
White color stone in round shape – 6pcs
Pink color stone in marquise shape – 2pcs
Pink color stone in oval shape – 2pcs
Pink color stone in pear shape – 2pcss

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Other Information
Style No.80622BI
Plating Rose Gold Colour Plated
Material925 Sterling Silver

Sipping cocktail while you sunbathe on a Caribbean beach, is it a scene from your tropical dream? Our designer has whimsically transformed what he encountered in dreamland into the exciting ARTE Tropical Dream Collection. Let’s embark on a tropical voyage, dive into festive mood and cheerily flaunt the feathered friends and colourful floras themed ARTE Tropical Dream Collection on you.

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