Icon Earrings – Round Stone/ Symbol (@)

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Icon Symbol Series
Icon Symbol Series feature iconic symbol signs including Percent (%), Dollar ($), At (@), and Ampersand (&). They play with the concept of asymmetry to stand out from the crowd. Each pair of earrings features one single white round stone and one symbol earring with a white round stone. The asymmetrical, unique designs sprinkle a pinch of spices into your jewelry collection.

Vivid and splendid, the design from ‘Fashion Collection’ is honed to be sophisticated, chic and young. Each masterpiece is created to evoke deeper obsession by mixing and matching jewelleries to silhouette a stylishly fashionable look. Each iconic piece boasts a unique mix of glamour and quality. It is meticulously designed by renowned European jewellery designers and handcrafted by skilled pioneers that bring together conventional craftsmanship and innovative design elements, resulting in hundreds of vibrant on-trend designs being launched every year.  

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Style No.40735BJ
Plating Gold Colour Plated
Material925 Sterling Silver

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