Fancy 120V Kite Earring (single earring)

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The sincere smile on your face works like a key that opens all hearts. Straight lines and clean silhouette of triangle, kite and cross earrings aesthetically bejeweled with a 120 facets stone certainly catch the attention of everyone in sight.

Additional information

Weight 5.1 g
Dimensions 16 x 78 x 4 mm
Other Information
Style No.44490BI
Total Stone Caratapprox. 3.69ct
Stone Color White
Stone Shape Round
Plating Gold Colour Plated
Material925 Sterling Silver

ARTE 120V Collection, the groundbreaking 120-facet cut stones unleash dazzling charms on a scintillating array of creations from which emit glitters on all sides even without extra lighting. The trendsetting 120-facet cut is 5 times more complicated than the conventional 57-facet one in terms of crafting technique, process and time, representing a genuine breakthrough of stone-cutting artisanship.

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