Gleam of Mermaid Light Earring

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On a peaceful moon night, the mermaid refreshes herself in the night air. She tosses her silky hair elegantly, drawing a perfect curve of water drops in the air. The gleaming droplets and the gentle moon rays are thus captured with sterling silver and shiny stones.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 g
Dimensions 5.5 x 85 x 3.5 mm
Other Information
Style No.40535BH
Total Stone Caratapprox. 1.70ct
Stone ColorWhite
Stone ShapeRound
Plating Gold Colour Plated
Material925 Sterling Silver

Gleam of Mermaid – every cloud has a silver lining, the mermaid finds her way and she bravely moves forward.  Under the sun, the scales on her tail glitter.  She cheerfully sings while swimming, and elegantly sways her body just like dancing.  The graceful splashes she made reflect sunlight shining like brilliants gems, it becomes a picturesque scene. Arte exquisitely blends modern craftsmanship and extraordinary design, portraying the grace, passion and faith of the mermaid.  The collection features sterling silver and various gem settings to showcase the vivacity of the mermaids.

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