Turquoise Evening Earrings

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The name Turquoise comes from French word “Turqueise” which means Turkish stone because it was first transported to Europe via a Turkish nation.

Turquoise Evening Series with blue and fuchsia diamond pattern on a turquoise background denotes evening sky’s reflection on placid water.

Bohemian style beloved by fashionistas is an expression of romantic, free-spirited and creative lifestyle. The word Bohemia refers to a historical region in the present-day Czech Republic and the term Bohemianism was emerged in the early 1900’s when artists in Paris enthusiastically took on care-free and unconventional attitude. ARTĒ Bohemian Collection characterized by hundreds of expertly inlayed colourful gemstones emanating exotic chic would make you a stylish Bohemian.

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Other Information
Style No.4S008BI
Total Stone Caratapprox. 2.13ct
Stone ColorRed x 32 & Turquoise x 124 & Blue x 32
Stone ShapeRound
Plating Rhodium
Material925 Sterling Silver
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