From Movie to Couture to Jewellery: How Old-fashioned Romance Lives on with CLASSY CLIPPY

Paying ode to some of the most legendary romantic films of all time, ARTĒ Madrid presents CLASSY CLIPPY, a collection of 6 illuminating necklaces which embrace feminine grace with striking designs and exceptional coloured gems. From the epic Gone with the Wind (1939) to the very lavish The Great Gatsby (2013), each of the collection necklaces marks either an iconic movie moment or symbolic outfits seen around the world.

“While every sparkle tells a story, it is always the necklaces that made the most iconic jewellery moments in cinema history,” said the Chief Designer of ARTĒ. And this is where the collection is born – out of his deep-rooted love and passion for chromatic jewellery and classic movies.

One of the most interesting parts about watching movies is that everyone could possess different interpretations and emotions towards the same film, even the same scene. CLASSY CLIPPY embodies such spirit perfectly and is created to redefine ones’ unique charism and inner chic. Each of the collection necklaces comes with a detachable clip on the pendant to allow wearers to clasp it on any chain that best-fits the moment. With a wide range of 38 necklace options, including silver chains, cable chokers and more to be chosen from, CLASSY CLIPPY allows you to wear it any way you fancy.

This loving season, discover how old-fashioned romance lives on in jewellery form with CLASSY CLIPPY collection, and create a real-life bejeweled scene to remember.

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