VIVIANA Collection

As the sun ascends above the lush gardens of La Granja Royal Palace, a symphony of colors unfolds, adorned with delicate floral and butterfly accents. Inspired by this Eden-like paradise, ARTE Madrid presents VIVIANA Collection, a celebration of sophisticated vitality and timeless artistry. This collection weaves together the vibrant hues, poetic motifs, and Spanish Baroque-infused intricate designs, creating a tapestry of whimsical elegance and romance.

TOGGLE Collection

Neoteric and impactful, TOGGLE Collection is designed to elevate your everyday ensembles as easy as a finger snap – from muted to bold. Featuring juxtaposition of oval links and sleek sculptural lines, the collection is accented with materials such as gleaming gems, lustrous pearls or opaque turquoise and enamel for a unique contrast and striking focal point.