Since 1898

ARTĒ Madrid

Found in Spain by the Barranco family, ARTĒ signifies art permeated with pronounced accents of passion, noble glamour and vogue. In a quest for the pure aesthetic of Spain, each ARTĒ jewellery creation is a handcrafted art piece from renowned European designers and master artisans, showcasing an extensive heritage of a thriving mix of craftsmanship, creativity and colours.

Our Design

ARTĒ’s design philosophy inscribes love, possession and livelihood, which reveal a perfect blend between classic yet versatile designs and unrivalled craftsmanship to create a myriad of jewellery which fit for any occasion and attire.

Precious Metals

At ARTĒ, only the finest precious metals will be used in the jewellery making to deliver the beautiful luster and shine which quality metals possess. ARTĒ jewels are casted in 925 sterling silver and plated with 18K gold, 18K rose gold or rhodium.

Our Materials

Unwilling to be bound by the limitations which traditional gemstones imposed, ARTĒ employs new generation synthetic stones which were first created in its own Swiss laboratory during the 20th century.


Thanks to the cutting-edge crafting techniques, the 4Cs of the stone parallel the scintillating effect of a natural diamond. Today, ARTĒ Gems are available in a kaleidoscope of over 3,000 colour combinations, making it one of the most versatile and sought-after stones in the industry.

Time Honored Traditional Craftsmanship

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